Our expertise protects your interests

Established in Monaco for over 70 years, Jutheau-Husson puts its in-depth knowledge of the insurance market, its regulations, companies and risk management at your disposal.

We are your preferred partner for your personal and professional projects, helping you to safeguard and develop your activities and assets, and to protect your family.

Our specialised teams, comprising more than a hundred employees, mobilise their know-how to support you in attaining your objectives by listening carefully and providing customised advice.

We operate in Monaco and in France through our subsidiary FRÉMA ASSURANCES, but our reach extends worldwide, if necessary, thanks to our network of partners.

Our job / Our mission

For five generations, we have supported you, our clients, in every aspect of your professional and personal life by protecting your interests. With you, we build the best in insurance.

At your disposal
to negotiate the best cover at the best price
Supporting you
all the way in building each moment of your life with peace of mind
Paying careful attention
to ensure accurate and personalized advice

Our values

Our goal is to build transparent, long-lasting and successful relationships with our clients and employees by placing our values at the forefront of what we do.

Our job is to represent the interests of our clients in the insurance market where we act, in a way, as their "counsel". Our role as intermediary between our clients and insurers comprises three stages: first, we study the risk to our clients; second, we find, negotiate and put in place the best cover on the market; and third, in the event of a claim, we support them in the sometimes long and difficult process of obtaining compensation from companies (appraisal, negotiation, defence of their rights against contractual exclusions and insurers’ disputes).

Hervé Husson,Chairman of the Jutheau-Husson group

As a unique and independent player in the insurance market, we defend your interests with insurance companies and third parties.
To our employees, whom we support in their development by enhancing their skills, and to our clients, whom we support in all their endeavours by protecting their family and assets.
As the basis of a constructive exchange, mutual trust cements our relationship over the long term.
Because nothing replaces human contact, we make sure that we stay close to you by providing constant support.
Technical sophistication
Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the insurance broker’s profession, our teams of dedicated experts advise you, defend you, and assist you in settling your disputes in the event of a claim.

Our history

The Jutheau-Husson group is first and foremost a family-owned company whose values have been passed down from generation to generation. It dates back to 1896 with the formation of the first office in Paris by the great-great-grandfather of the current president, Hervé Husson. Since its establishment in Monaco in 1950, the Jutheau Husson group has been the leading insurance broker in the Principality.


Formation of the Poujade & Cie firm.


Raymond Jutheau renames the firm "Faugère & Jutheau" which will quickly become the leading French insurance broker.


Faugère & Jutheau sets up in Monaco and opens its first subsidiary in Africa.


Robert Husson is appointed deputy president.


The family sells the French business (Faugère & Jutheau) to Marsh & McLennan, the world’s leading broker, and retains Jutheau-Husson, its Monegasque company, as well as its African subsidiaries. It becomes the leading brokerage network in Africa with a presence in 22 countries and more than 700 employees.


Patricia Husson is appointed deputy president, following her husband Robert Husson.


Jutheau-Husson Yachting, dedicated to boating, is established in in Monaco.


Hervé Husson is appointed Deputy Chairman—Patricia Husson becomes Honorary Chairman.


Takeover of the French firm FRÉMA Assurances.


Sale of the group’s African activities and refocusing on Monegasque and European activities.

Join us / HR policy

Insurance brokerage is above all a people-driven business and we believe in having a very ambitious human resources policy.

We do everything possible to attract teams that stay with us for as long as possible so that we can invest in their training and benefit from the accumulation of their know-how and their perfect knowledge of the Monegasque environment and market. This also helps to maintain a family atmosphere within the firm.

Some of our executives and directors have spent a significant part, if not all, of their careers with us, while others have been with us for more than 40 years! We are delighted about that!

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