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Insurance solutions for personal lines

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Whatever your insurance needs, you deserve special care

The events of life are different from one person to another, and so are your insurance needs.

Each one requires thorough evaluation.

We are experts in protecting your interests

We offer solutions for all risks related to your and your family’s private life.

After appraising all of your assets and assessing your risk exposure, our account managers select the best insurance solutions with specially negotiated coverage and conditions.

Claims management: a key factor in your peace of mind

Whether large or small, no claim is pleasant and requires listening and attention from our teams.

Our service is entirely dedicated to the management of your claims to ensure personalised attention and follow-up.

The advance choice of specialist insurers guarantees you accelerated processing and compensation.

Jutheau Husson Private Insurance

As an owner of exceptional assets, you need careful attention and real knowledge of this specific market as well as privileged relationships with the best specialist insurers.

To fully meet this need, we have created a structure entirely dedicated to high-end insurance, based on personalised management and preferred agreements with the best insurance companies.

Jutheau Husson Private Insurance guarantees you a personalised relationship, based on confidentiality and discretion.

A dedicated account manager is your single point of contact and liaises with our various experts.

Our teams provide for you:

Presence & support

Personalised advice

Trust & confidentiality

Our specialized services are organized by type of risk

As owners of exceptional assets and property, you need sound advice and top-othe-range services.

Health insurance, Provident scheme, Retirement, Assistance / Repatriation…

Multi-risk home insurance : main home, secondary home, rental property, … Motor insurance for all types of vehicles…