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Property Damage and Operating Loss Insurance: Protecting your business effectively

A fire, flood, machine breakdown, damage to equipment or any other disaster can seriously disrupt your company’s activity. This damage, whether material or not, entails significant financial consequences, particularly due to the interruption of your operations (operating loss).

Faced with all these hazards , our specialists offer you insurance solutions that specifically meet the constraints and requirements of your business.

Taking out adapted insurance to your premises, equipment and inventory contributes to the smooth running and security of your business.

In the event of incidents that could scale down or even interrupt your business, taking out operating loss insurance guarantees the payment of compensation 

Our global vision of risks allows us to optimize the protection of your business.

To structure your cover, our team of specialists carries out an exhaustive audit of your business, appraises the value of your assets and determines the financial consequences of a possible loss.

We help you to define and implement traditional insurance policies:

Our complete approach includes specific cover in addition to traditional insurance:


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