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FRÉMA Assurances: Insurance advice and brokerage for companies and individuals since 2001

Located in Fréjus and Cannes, FRÉMA focuses mainly on risks for companies, very small enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, and communities, while also offering insurance solutions to individuals.

Supported by a network of partners, FRÉMA’s advisory role covers all aspects in your professional or personal life.

Specialists in Property & Casualty and Personal Insurance, FRÉMA concentrates its expertise on customized investing, comprehensive management of your risks, and the protection of your interests.

Jutheau-Husson – FRÉMA Assurances merger

By combining their talents, Jutheau Husson and FRÉMA aim to strengthen their respective positions while reaffirming their commitment to their clients and guaranteeing them the ultimate in efficient service.

This merger allows FRÉMA to rely on an internationally renowned insurance brokerage and thus to expand its operations.

In turn, Jutheau Husson is accelerating its development in the French market.

United by the same values:

  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • Proximity
  • Technical sophistication


  • 2001: Creation of FREMA Assurances
  • 2007: Xavier CLUZEAU buys the company
  • 2017: Merger of FREMA Assurances with SIGNORET NERVEGNA, located at 113 Blvd Carnot, 06400 CANNES
  • 2019: Partial sale of the capital to the Jutheau Husson Group

A few key numbers:

  • 7,900 clients including some national and international big-name brands
  • 70 partners: companies, provident institutions, broker-wholesalers, etc.
  • €1 million portfolio


  • Xavier Cluzeau – Chairman
  • Barbara Nervegna – Sales Director
  • Philippe Parietti – Administrative and Financial Director

Fréma Cannes

113 boulevard Carnot - Le Ténérife
06400 Cannes

Fréma Fréjus

67 rue Roland Garros - CS 20030
83600 Fréjus