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Construction Insurance: recognized expertise at your service

As construction insurance specialists in Monaco, we offer you all types of policies according to the specific territorial requirements, whether you are an individual, project owner or professional.

We assist you in defining and implementing your policies:

Construction site insurance:

Professional and Decennial Liability Insurance for the construction industry:

Our expertise protects your interests

Placing this insurance is a complex process.

As a long-standing player in the construction sector, our team of experts will guide you in putting together the technical file to be presented to the insurance companies.

This gives you the crucial cover you need to protect your investments or guarantee the continuity of your activities.

Whatever the size of the project, we work with you at each of the following stages

Monegasque characteristics and Jutheau Husson solutions:

The Spinetta Statute, which governs all insurance obligations in the field of construction insurance in France, has never been adapted to Monegasque law.

In Monaco, construction insurance is governed by Article 1630 of the Civil Code, which provides that the architect and contractors shall be liable for 10 years for material defects to major works attributable to them as a result of the performance of their contract. On the other hand, there is no insurance obligation for contractors. The only legal insurance obligation lies with the professional civil liability of architects.

Our firm has therefore negotiated with the main players in the construction insurance market for policies and cover adapted to Monegasque legislation, for both construction site risk and builders’ operations.


The Jutheau-Husson advantages