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Personal Insurance Solutions for working with complete peace of mind

Jutheau-Husson is the leading broker in Monaco for personal insurance. More than 60% of Monegasque companies trust us.

Our expertise extends to supplementary health insurance, provident insurance, work accident insurance, mission insurance and repatriation assistance.

By setting up optimal social protection for your employees, you ensure their well-being, build their loyalty and strengthen your image as an employer.

In this way, you can grow your business with complete peace of mind.

Workplace Accident and Occupational Disease Insurance (AT/MP)

In Monaco, you are obliged by Law No. 636 of 11 January 1958 to take out occupational health insurance to cover your employees in the event of an accident at work, an accident during commuting, or an occupational disease. This policy must be taken out with an insurance company approved in the Principality.

The risks of accidents at work are very real. Without prevention, they have an impact on the claims experience of your policies and increase the amount of the premium.

We offer to help you reduce the risks and control them in order to bolster your policies and avoid premium increases.

Our approach is part of an occupational risk prevention process with a follow-up of the actions implemented and management of claims that is totally personalized according to your expectations.

Supplementary health and life insurance: choosing the best cover

Supplementary health insurance guarantees that your employees’ medical expenses will be covered.

A life insurance policy protects your employees against the hazards of life.

To help you choose the right cover for your employees and their family situation, our experts will advise and guide you throughout the period of validity of your policies:


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