Jutheau Husson

Business Risk Situation


Marked by climatic, economic, geopolitical, and social events, 2022 upset the insurance market’s balance. The arrival of new risk carriers has unfortunately made it impossible to minimise the consequences of this imbalance. Directly affected by the renewals at the end of 2022, business insurance incurred:
  • Significant increases in premiums
  • Increases in deductibles
  • Decreases in coverage limits
The overall risks reflect these trends to a greater or lesser extent:
  1. Cyber and Fraud Insurance : First risk impacted by restrictions or even withdrawal of some insurers
  2. Property Insurance : The Manufacturing Risk Index was at 10.7% at the end of 2022, reaching 11.6% in January 2023 against 5.3% in January 2022 and -0.3% in January 2021
  3. Motor Fleet Insurance : This frequency risk is subject to significant restrictions, from the increase in the deductible to the withdrawal of certain insurers
In this context, the Monegasque market faces an additional problem: the geographical concentration of risk for property damage and earthquake insurers accentuates all these trends. Faced with this situation, the broker’s crucial role as intermediary is intensifying in the prevention and management of risk in your insurance policies. Our support in the detailed analysis of risks enables us to fine-tune your cover as closely as possible to reality. Jutheau Husson is committed to being your partner in working closely with your insurers. Focus on your company’s business—we will take care of your company’s insurance.