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Car, home: the right insurance

When you are faced with the financial consequences of everyday accidents, damage and claims, the right insurance solutions allow you to handle them with peace of mind.

Whatever your material assets, you need to protect them with appropriate policies:

  • Multi-risk home insurance: main home, secondary home, rental property, etc.
  • Motor insurance for all types of vehicles: two-wheelers, four-wheelers, commercial vehicles, etc.

By taking out a policy that meets your specific needs, you benefit from immediate coverage and compensation in the event of damage, deterioration or destruction to your property.

Our expertise in protecting your interests

Our expert advisors in the car and home insurance market will guide you through all the necessary steps:

  • Appraising all your assets
  • Estimating their exposure to risk
  • Comparing different types of policies
  • Selecting the most suitable insurance solutions

In this way, you can take out cover that is fully in line with your lifestyle and your assets.

The Jutheau-Husson advantages

An experienced and dedicated representative for individuals who will guide you in finding the solution best suited to your needs

Immediate coverage in the event of damage