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Collection Cars


While electric cars are becoming more common, the appeal of vintage cars is growing! All over the world, classic cars fascinate a younger and younger audience. On French soil alone, there are about 1 million vintage vehicles for 200,000 owners (source FFVE). So we are dealing with passionate collectors. Why so much passion? A classic car transmits the past A classic automobile tells a story, a personal narrative. It has a life made of many roads in the hands of different owners. The history of a classic car is like a family tree. A classic car has style Not mass-produced, less automated, more artisanal, recognizable, it has a unique personality. Modern in its construction, vintage today. Time slips by, the classic car becomes mythical. A vintage car opens a door to an ancient world The classic automobile represents a symbol, an art of living that is similar to philosophy. It appeals to the nostalgia of a simpler, lighter time. The classic car travels through time. A classic car increases in value over the years The value of collector cars tends to increase. They thus take a growing place in the heritage. Added to the emotional dimension, a classic car is priceless. At Jutheau Husson, we understand the importance of taking care of them and protecting them well. Drive with peace of mind, Collection Cars by Jutheau Husson adapts and responds perfectly to the specific needs of collectors.