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Magnificent Residence - La Villa L'Aiglon

Villa l'Aiglon

Villa de Prestige

Historic properties and homes with unique features require insurance coverages that are perfectly suited.


This avoids distorting the premises in the event of a disaster.


Let’s take the example of this magnificent residence; the Villa L’Aiglon.


It was built in 1891 by Henri Schmidt, general director of architecture for the Société des Bains de Mer, and Camille Blanc, former mayor of Beausoleil.


Years later it became the private property of Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco.


The Villa L’Aiglon is 900m² of living space with 30 rooms including 10 bedrooms. A spacious exterior, numerous terraces, a garden with trees, a swimming pool.


And a janitor’s house of 205m² the villa La Colmiane.


This prestigious residence has a history closely linked to the Principality and is part of the architectural heritage of the region.


The Villa L’Aiglon has high ceilings and beautiful volumes typical of the Belle Epoque.

Built with rare or expensive materials, only custom-made guarantees will help preserve its authenticity.


Regarding the Italian marble embellishments of the bathroom, the contract must provide for a renovation / reconstruction to the identical. With a marble of the same quality and origin.


The same goes for the contents, which are just as exceptional as the property. It must be evaluated at the time of underwriting, by experts. A risk visit will identify the optimal protection measures.


Jutheau Husson Private Insurance masters the specificities of high-end insurance.


Consult an expert, experience serenity.


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