Jutheau Husson

Insuring an Unusual Collection


Nowadays, being able to protect a collection of sneakers is like preserving an inheritance. In recent years, the trainer culture has evolved and the industry is booming. Sneakers are no longer functional sports shoes—they have become coveted fashion items. They have become symbols, attracting both consumers and collectors. This has led to an increase in the size and value of collections. The price of a pair of 1985 Air Jordans starts at €35,000. Collectors go well over that amount for a very special pair, such as the original Air Jordan 1s that Michael Jordan wore in a game. Ten years ago, insuring your trainers might have seemed unnecessary. Today, a trainer collection can be worth as much, if not more, than a house! Unfortunately, collections can be stolen or damaged more often than you think. Most multirisk home insurance policies offer contents cover, with some degree of cover for typical items such as shoes. However, a collection of trainers may exceed what an insurance company considers a reasonable value to cover! For this type of risk, you need tailor-made specialty insurance. That’s where Jutheau Husson Private Insurance comes in.